Another small Bitcoin miner generated $215,000 by mining a block

Recently, many bitcoin miners have switched to USB-based small cryptocurrency miners. Several of them are pretty fortunate. According to hardware retailer Tom’s Hardware, a miner recently solved a block using an 8.3 TH/s excavator, and he won more than $215,000 in Bitcoin as a reward.

The mining operation was carried out via a pool operated by, which provides “anonymous, self-mining of bitcoins for a 2% fee.”

However, these micro USB excavators are rare. Their quantity is limited, but they can still be obtained for several hundred dollars on platforms such as eBay or Amazon with a little luck.

According to Tom’s, a miner used an excavator with a hash rate of one-tenth of his 86 TH/s. By comparison, Bitmain’s recently launched Antminer S19 Pro+ Hyd has a hash rate of 198 TH/s and costs more than $ 14,000.

This is not the first time a member of the Solo CK Pool has struck it rich. As we previously reported on our website, a miner with 120 TH/s mined a block on January 11 and won a jackpot worth more than $270,000. She found herself in a similar situation a few days later. Another little miner mining at 116 TH/s received the same $260,000.

Dr. Con Kolivas, the sole administrator of the CK Pool, outlined how such a situation may arise:

On the other hand, Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency that can help you make money. Ethereum mining is still a viable option. An ETH miner mined a block last week and received 168 ETH, which was valued at roughly $540,000 at the time.

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