QANplatform launches the world’s 1st Ethereum Compatible Quantum-Resistant Blockchain

TALLINN, Estonia, 18th January, 2022,

QANplatform, the Quantum-resistant Layer 1 hybrid blockchain platform, has launched its TestNet. It allows participants to add the QAN TestNet to MetaMask, thanks to the Ethereum compatibility, and transact with testnet tokens on the quantum-resistant QAN TestNet. With the QAN TestNet release, QANplatform is the first Ethereum compatible quantum-resistant blockchain platform.

QAN’s Virtual Machine (QVM) multi-language smart contract engine will also be included after completing its internal testing schedule.

QANplatform is positioned as a game-changing Layer 1, where developers can code in any programming language without learning an exotic new smart contract language. Developers and enterprises will be able to build quantum-resistant smart contracts, DApps, DeFi, DAO, NFT, tokens, Metaverse, and Web3 solutions on top of the QAN blockchain platform in any programming language they already know.

QANplatform’s multi-language feature will finally lead to blockchain mass adoption and completely new blockchain use cases, which the crypto space has long dreamed about. It makes talent acquisition, development, and codebase maintenance more accessible and cost-efficient for enterprises.

QANplatform is lowering the entry barriers for developers to build quickly and securely

QANplatform will tackle fast adoption by building integrations to existing and widely used and loved programming languages (all Linux Kernel compatible languages), DevOps technologies (Docker, Kubernetes), major cloud platforms (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, etc.), Indexing and Oracle APIs (Chainlink, Band Protocol).

QANplatform is the first Layer 1 blockchain that rewards developers after each new smart-contract deployment and each public blockchain (MainNet) transaction for a lifetime where other developers reuse their code part.

Johann Polecsak, Co-Founder and CTO of QANplatform, said, “We are proud that we created the first economic model for blockchains where smart contract authors are financially motivated to produce well documented high-quality reusable pieces of software.”

QANplatform is prepared for Quantum computer attacks.

Governments and big corporations like Google, Honeywell, and IBM are in the quantum computing development race to scale quantum qubits. According to IBM’s roadmap, they will release Model Condor, the 1,121+ qubit quantum computer, in 2023, which could break the cryptography behind 99% of today’s blockchain platforms. As a forward-thinking blockchain platform, QANplatform is protected against quantum computing attacks.

Johann Polecsak, Co-Founder and CTO of QANplatform, said, 

“I’m pleased to announce that QANplatform is the very first Ethereum compatible quantum-resistant Layer 1 blockchain platform on the planet. The TestNet release is a truly defining milestone in QAN’s lifespan and proof that providing quantum security yet remaining compatible with 99% of the ecosystem is very much possible. QAN is the only such solution in the crypto space, and I am very proud of the whole team for making this miracle happen.”

About QANplatform (QAN blockchain platform):

QANplatform is the quantum-resistant Layer 1 hybrid blockchain platform that will allow developers and enterprises to build quantum-resistant: smart contracts, DApps, DeFi, DAO, NFT, tokens, Metaverse, and Web3 solutions on top of the QAN blockchain platform in any programming language.

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