Trump cryptocurrency magacoin has received over 1,000 sign-ups in the first week of its existence

The cryptocurrency market has a new currency. It’s magacoin. This cryptocurrency was created to support Donald Trump-related candidates in the election. Nevertheless, it was a bit embarrassing to begin the project.

According to The Guardian user information including IP addresses, email addresses, and passwords was stolen from the project.

MagaCoin is performing well

On magacoin, more than 1,000 people have registered. We can assume that these are mostly Trump supporters. Anyone who registers on this website will receive 100 magacoins.

Marc Zelinka, a used car salesman, is the creator of this project. He reportedly owns 2,000,000 coins. He collaborates on this occasion with Reilly O’Neal.

The supply is gone. According to our sources 75 million magacoins had been created to “disenfranchised voters on November 3, 2019,” the day of the U.S. electoral vote. Trump lost the white house battle to Democrat Joe Biden because of the latter. Trump supporters claim the election is rigged.

Magacoin isn’t yet a tradeable crypto coin, and it wasn’t listed on major cryptocurrency monitoring platforms when this article was written.

TrumpCoin, which was not the first Trump-supporting cryptocurrency, is now in circulation with over 6 million coins and has a market cap estimated at $383,000.

MagaCoin is not the only cryptocurrency that supports Trump. Before MegaCoin, TrumpCoin was also created to support former President Donald Trump and his followers. It has more than 6 million coins in circulation and boasts a market capitalization of $383,000.

Trump has not supported magacoin or TrumpCoin. Trump has never been supportive of cryptocurrency in general. He said that bitcoin “seems to be a scam” last month.

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